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Top 10 WhatsApp Monitor Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 10 WhatsApp Monitor Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you need help keeping an eye on your loved ones’ WhatsApp messages? It has become a rather widespread issue in the digital era. You are bothered by who they are texting and what they are revealing. But don’t worry, as we have prepared here the 10 best WhatsApp monitoring apps for Android and iPhone. This way, you get authority and comfort back—no more sleepless nights spent in the darkness of doubt. Monitor chats, calls, media, etc., without any difficulties. Protect your family members from online risks and keep them safe. Let’s reveal insights on top WhatsApp monitor apps in the following section.


Discover FamiGuard, your ultimate assistant for both parental control and family tracing. With the help of FamiGuard, the security of your family members and interactions between them will be secured as a matter of routine. undefined

FamiGuard Pro: Command the superior phone tracking features. Remote control over the 43 applications, tracers of real-time real-time, recording of events, and tidying of the content. Understand that there is no detection at all and no rooting. Nor jailbreaking is required.

FamiGuard for WhatsApp: Comprehend WhatsApp activity on Android and iPhone comprehensively. Remotely follow over 10 WhatsApp data points and do not need to have a WhatsApp account. From erased chats to synced data, files, and data, gathering information while operating in the anonymous mode to maximize privacy.

Monitor over 43 apps. Track real-time positions.Record activities.Filter content. It cannot be detected without rooting or jailbreak.

Visit the site and Dive even deeper into FamiGuard for Android and iOS!




FoneMonitor is a comprehensive monitoring tool that will work fine with any Android or iOS device. It presents several functions to track your child’s cellphone location even more precisely. Using FoneMonitor, you can track text messages, call logs, social media activity, and internet browsing history any time you want.

Moreover, you can see photos, videos, and other areas of the targeted device, such as apps being used. The user-friendly design of FoneMonitor allows you to surf and get the details you require that is needed to guarantee your child’s safety on the Internet.



Copy9 is a powerful monitoring app that caters to virtually all aspects of smartphone tracking. With Copy9, you can track cellphone location, text messages, call logs, social media activity, and more.

To further this surveillance, you can obtain pictures and recordings of the environment with remote access to the device’s camera and mic. Copy9’s enhanced functions have keylogger capability through which you will be able to efficiently log keystrokes typed on the target device and later learn from your child’s online interaction.



iSpyoo is a multifunctional monitor app that includes most of the useful monitoring features to help you control your kid’s activity on a smartphone. text messages, call logs, GPS location, social media activity, and more with iSpyoo.

You will intercept remote commands and even lock the target device or, if it’s needed, wipe the device data. iSpyoo’s user-friendly interface provides an an opportunity to view and manage information collected from the target device, giving you the confidence that your child is safe online.



SpyHuman is a versatile monitoring app created to give parents the ability to monitor their child’s smartphone content remotely from a distance. Spyhuman, you would track texts, call logs, GPS location, and social media activity, among others. This feature allows you to create alerts and get notifications when your specified keywords are used and your targeted device enters or leaves a designated area.

The ease of use of SpyHuman’s interface makes it easy for a user to navigate and ensure access to necessary information for your child’s safety online.



OwnSpy is a versatile monitoring software full of powerful functions to ensure that you can monitor your kid’s smartphone activities effectively. Via OwnSpy, you can track text messages, call records, GPS locations, social media posts, and related content.

It is also possible to access the device remotely, including changing the lock or unlocking the device and removing data when required. The ease of operation of OwnSpy, with its user-friendly interface, provides you with the best tools to navigate the online world and keep your child safe and secure.


iMonitor is a complex monitoring app that was created for parents to control their children’s mobile activity remotely. iMonitor enables you to examine text messages, call logs, GPS location, and social media activity, all of which you can control.

Another interesting feature is the ability to set up alerts to get notifications when particular keywords are used or as a device enters or leaves the designated areas. iMonitor’s user-friendly design makes it straightforward to find your way around and get hold of the data you are interested in the cyber-safety of your kid.



SpyPhone is the new flagship surveillance tool that gives you a wide range of features to make the smartphone monitoring of your kid much easier. SpyPhone enables you to reach text messages, call logs, GPS locations, and social media activity, among others.

Of course, you also have the remote ability to lock or unlock the target device and wipe off its data if need be. SpyPhone’s well-designed interface allows you to quickly check and manage the information you glean from the target device, ensuring that you have your child protected online.



WebWatcher is a multipurpose monitoring app developed specifically to give parents a universal tool to keep track of their child’s online activity across every possible device and platform. WebWatcher enables you to monitor SMS, social media, website visits, and much more. In addition, it is possible to establish alerts to get notified when certain keywords are used and in case the target device gains access to adverse material.

As WebWatcher’s extended features are remote access to the target device’s camera and microphone, you can capture photos and record sound secretly. You can keep your child safe online with WebWatcher, which also helps nurture responsible online conduct from the young.



TeenShield is a powerful monitoring app that allows parents to get rid of all their worries about keeping their teenagers safe online. TeenShield monitors what your child is doing with her phone secretly and from a safe place. Due to its capabilities like tracking SMS, call logs, GPS location, social media activity, and browsing history.

The other feature you can use is to set up geofencing alerts to get notified when your teen is in or leaves the selected zones. TeenShield embeds the required expertise on digital conduct in your teenager, thus safeguarding them from possible dangers.

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