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Ad blocker for free: which app to choose?

Ad blocker for free: which app to choose?

The first ad-blocking software was introduced on the market in 2002. Now such programs are actively used by almost one-third of Internet users worldwide. According to surveys, 81% of users download ad block to eliminate annoying and intrusive marketing inserts, as well as to secure personal data and protect their phones from malicious platforms.

How to find the best app? Let’s consider a selection of the most common programs to effectively “clean up” annoying and pointless online content.

AWAX – cool all-purpose software

When choosing an Android ad blocker, pay attention to the extensive features of AWAX. It protects the user’s confidential data while surfing the Web by blocking third-party systems and spyware. In addition, AWAX warns about dangerous websites that can easily be exposed to phishing attacks online.

Let’s highlight the main features of the software on your device:

  • Setting up a local VPN service.
  • Removal of annoying marketing blocks.
  • Availability of the ad blocker in Android and iOS apps.
  • Stable work in web browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and others.
  • Blocking all kinds of ads, including cross-page banners and pop-ups.

To download AWAX, you do not need to go to unknown resources because it is available on Google Play and the developer’s official website. Installing the app on your phone will eliminate the pop-up ads in games that distract from the main process. You’ll also save your device’s battery by removing marketing videos.

AdAway – easy ad block root

A 2011 open-source program that blocks ads using host text files. The app is more suitable for rooted devices, as the necessary data is located in the system partition of the operating system. But the AdAway 6.0.3 version uses a VPN to bypass the restriction. With its help, the outgoing connections to advertisements and trackers are blocked.

Ad block for Mozilla and other browsers has a white and black list where users can write domains. There is a function to add new host files. It updates the list of mappings between hostnames and IP addresses as it works. This program, like many others, protects personal data and mercilessly blocks ads on web pages and apps.

The main disadvantages are the lack of software on the Play Store and limited capabilities without root access. You can download the ad block for free on the official website or F-Droid.

AdGuard – customizable ad filter

The app works on any device (rooted and unrooted). It filters and monitors the user’s web traffic in the background, warning of possible viruses after clicking on a link.

AdGuard removes all ads, such as annoying videos, cross-page banners, and pop-ups. Many options are available to customize the blocking to sort the marketing inserts. This is a free ad block for Chrome or any other browser.

Despite the listed pros, this software is a paid program for mobile devices on Android and iOS and is subject to careful configuration before use. It is quite complex and requires the user to select the necessary filters on their own. You can download the premium version of this Android ad blocker from Google Play and the official website.

Choosing the favorite one

Today, consumers are actively fighting ads so that they no longer see annoying and loud videos. After analyzing special programs, we believe AWAX is the most effective assistant in this battle. Why is AWAX the best Android adblocker in this selection?

  1. Multifunctional and suitable for all devices and all types of advertising. Each update expands its range of action and offers even more attractive features.
  2. Fast and helps you save money. For example, AWAX traffic adblock is reduced by about two times when used in a browser.
  3. Affordable and has a 7-day free version to appreciate the app’s benefits.

Try your favorites on your mobile device to decide on the best ad blocker apps for Android.

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