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FaceSwapper Features: An Inside Look at Photo and Multi Face Swap

FaceSwapper Features: An Inside Look at Photo and Multi Face Swap

Have you ever wondered what your face would look like on a friend’s body? Or are you looking for ways to liven up the group chat? Making some funny and entertaining pictures using FaceSwapper is a great way to do that! And we’ll tell you all about it.

Whenever people try moving their faces around from one picture to another, it’s usually done by using apps like Photoshop. And we all know how difficult it is to use something like that. So, why complicate it? Instead, you’ll just have to follow a simple 6 step process to swap face into photo or use the multi face swap. And you can find that down below:

How Does The AI Face Swap Tool Work?

How Does The AI Face Swap Tool Work?

To learn how to swap faces into a group photo, you’ll first need to learn about the background process of the tools. Simply put, it’s all done by AI. But the question is: What’s it doing?

The AI Face Swap tool is run by several algorithms. First, you’ll need to upload a clear picture of yourself. This picture is then scanned by AI. And through this scan, AI is able to recognize where your face is, what your face shape looks like and the expressions that you’re making. Not only that, but the AI also keeps track of things like the picture’s lighting and the angle at which it’s taken.

After that comes the second picture you add. This is where the face that’s been scanned is pasted onto. The same process that we just talked about is repeated. This gives the AI a good idea where your face is. After that, all that’s left is to take the face from picture #1 and move it to picture #2 while keeping the lighting and angles in check.

The Difference Between Photo Face Swap And Multiple Face Swap

The Difference Between Photo Face Swap And Multiple Face Swap

The main difference between the multi face swap and AI face swap lies in the type of picture that you’ll be working with. Whenever you want to swap faces in a group photo, you’ll have to use the multi face swap tool. This tool lets you deal with each face in the picture separately so you can choose which faces to keep and what to replace. And that’s not something that’s possible with the AI face swap tool. That only lets you deal with one face at a time.

Steps To Swap Face Into Photo

  1. Select the Image Face Swap tool from FaceSwapper website.
  2. Add the picture from where the face will be taken.
  3. Pick the picture where the face should be added.
  4. Click start face swapping and wait for the AI to process your image.
  5. You can click on the pencil to edit your new face-swapped picture.
  6. Preview and download the result after the face swapping task is done.

Steps To Swap Face Into Photo

Steps To Swap Face Into A Group Photo

Visit Multiple Face Swap tool page on FaceSwapper AI. This is a tool that we will use to swap multiple faces at the same time.

  1. Upload the picture containing the face to be copied.
  2. Upload the group photo where faces will be replaced.
  3. Select the target faces to replace (e.g., if there are four people in the photo, you can choose to replace two faces).
  4. Click “Start Face Swapping.” The process may take a few seconds, depending on the size of your uploaded photos.
  5. Preview the result in the same window once the process is complete.
  6. Download your new multi-face swapped picture.

When You Should Use Each Tool

While the two tools work the same way, you can’t use them for the same purposes. Let’s see some times where you’ll need each tool:

Photo Face Swap

Whenever you want to swap face into a photo and there’s only one face to deal with, that’s when you’ll have to use this. As we mentioned, this tool is going to give you the best results when it comes to moving around only one face. It can also be used when you want to try out some outfits that you think would suit you. For that, you’ll need to upload a clear picture of your face. And the second picture must be a clear picture including the outfit that you’re imagining. Since you’ll only be dealing with one face in each picture, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

Multi Face Swap

The multi face swap tool is better for when you’re dealing with group pictures. When you want to mess around with a large picture of your friends, add the picture into this tool. After that, the AI will scan and point out each face in the picture separately. After that, you can just pick which faces you want to swap and you’ll be done.


Will Your Pictures Be Safe?

Of course! Any picture that is added to the tools is only used to swap faces around. And these are only kept with the website for 6 hours after your picture is done processing. You can access them by checking the “My History” tab for each tool. After those six hours, the pictures will be deleted so you won’t have to worry about finding it anywhere you don’t want it to be.

Is The AI Face Swap Tool Free?

Yes it is! As a free member, you can get 6 credits each day as a gift. With these credits, you can swap faces online with Faceswapper for free. Whenever you want to swap some faces around in pictures, you won’t face any distractions. You won’t be asked to pay and you won’t get any ads in the process either.

Can You Use Any Pictures?

Yes! There’s no restriction on any picture that you try adding. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to add a man’s face on a woman’s body or your grandfather’s face on your own baby picture — Nothing is going to stop you.

How Can You Get The Best Results?

Sometimes the tool may give you results that you never expected. And this is usually because you’ve uploaded a blurred up picture or if the face isn’t clear. Remember to make sure that the face is completely visible and that’ll give you the best results.

The Bottom Line — Making The Most Of Both The Tools

That’s all there’s to the multi face swap and AI face swap tool! While both of the tools work using the same basic processes, they’re both useful when you have different pictures to deal with. And they’re both super easy to follow. As long as you’re following the 6 super easy steps that we laid out above for you, you can’t go wrong. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to FaceSwapper.AI and get started right away!

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