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Destiny 2 Guides, Tips, and Highlights for Newbies

Destiny 2 Guides, Tips, and Highlights for Newbies

If you’re looking for a shoot-and-play project where there are only three characters, but each of them has a variety of mechanics for different types of gameplay, then you should try Destiny 2.

Place headshots, destroy monsters that attacked your planet, and gradually explore space.

In total, the game has three classes with unique abilities and skills that combine well with each other in groups, but almost the entire gameplay will be available to you alone.

You will need to assemble a squad only for storming raids and PVP trials carry – you can’t do it without the help of your teammates.


You can choose one of three heroes, each of which can both shoot and perform their own separate role depending on their choice and specialization.

You can choose the Titan class – a full-fledged tank, a master marksman and a hero with fists of steel, who can install a protective shield that will block most damage and bullets and at the same time can slam his fists into the ground and throw back enemies who dare to get too close.

You can choose the Warlock class, which is both a marksman and an attacking combat and auxiliary mage.

You will be able to deliver powerful mass attacks on monsters and create zones in which all allies will receive a boost as long as they are in this radius.

You can choose a hunter – a full-fledged attacking class that can fully focus its efforts on attacking the enemy by ignoring armor and using camouflage mechanics and setting traps.


Each type of weapon, regardless of its type and class, has its own level of attack, be it a pistol or an assault rifle, and the higher your level, the stronger the weapon should be.

Each type of weapon has several quality ranks, ranging from ordinary to legendary, which can be obtained in difficult raids and boosting in the Trial of Osiris.


With armor the situation is similar, and all equipment parameters are summed up and show the level of effectiveness of your hero and sometimes some raids and zones will require a minimum of equipment that you must meet in order to gain access.

They also have different quality, and you should strive for the legendary one, which is obtained in the same way, and you need to collect the entire set.

Subclasses and cartridges

Each player can choose one of four subclasses, which will enhance the main skills of your hero and add damage to you using ammo.

Not all parameters will be useful specifically for your class, but you will still have a choice.

For titan, lightning will be the optimal option, since this specialization will allow you to inflict additional magical damage to all enemies who are within close range of you, even if you hold the shield at this moment and not attack.

The new Lightfall update will allow all players to choose a new Stand subclass that will perfectly suit any class of the player’s choice.

For titan, this is the ability to add small daggers to steel fists and when making melee attacks or hitting the ground, all enemies will receive bleeding effects, which will constantly take away the overall health of your enemies.

For a warlock who uses basic mechanics in the form of attack and auxiliary magic, you can choose a void subclass, or a stand.

Void will allow you to strengthen your basic attacks and add more damage during mass skills.

The stand will slightly change the direction of attacking magic and make it not directed, but dissipated, when you scatter shrapnel and deal damage to all enemies hit.

As a Hunter, you can use the power of the sun to enhance your shots, adding armor piercing effects, and at the same time strengthen your already strong role in raids and when boosting in Trial of Osiris.

If you choose a stand, you will be able to use a Chinese ritual weapon, which allows you to use a combination of small arms and melee weapons – another feature and ability of the hunter in Destiny 2.

PVP Trial of Osiris

All high-level players can take part in the Trial of Osiris event, which allows players to gather in groups of three characters and fight each other in short rounds, where the winner of the battle begins to accumulate a winning streak in a row and if you do this 7 times, you can collect the reward in the form of legendary weapons or equipment, which are presented as part of the current season and are constantly updated.

In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to get legendary equipment and weapons that are guaranteed to strengthen your character.

The format of the matches itself is fast and even if you constantly suffer defeats, you can try again and again, but at the same time you can always order the boosting Trial of Osiris Skycoach.

In this format, service employees will help you, who will take control of your account and complete the task to obtain legendary weapons or equipment as part of the season.

Account security is ensured through financial guarantees, anonymity using VPN, and the task being performed exclusively by service employees. After completing the assignment, be sure to change your password.

When everything is completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account.

Raids and strikes

You can explore large and small raid formats where you fight bosses of varying difficulty for experience, glimmers, and rewards in the form of equipment and weapons.

You can complete strikes yourself, although it will not be easy, but you need to complete raids as part of a group, especially Mythic ones, which are considered the most difficult in the entire MMO RPG.

Just stay mobile and take out the retinue before you switch to the boss and start systematically reducing his health in any raid format.

Each boss will have its own attacks and unique mechanics, which you just need to track, remember and learn to counter by reducing or reducing the distance.

In the future, you will learn to quickly understand what points you should pay attention to and how to counter the bosses.

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