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WeststeinUK Prepaid Card: features and benefits

WeststeinUK Prepaid Card: features and benefits

To make online shopping comfortable and safe, you need a virtual card. This financial instrument is designed to allow the cardholder to easily make payments with one touch, as well as transfer funds to other accounts. Note that issuing a prepaid card takes a minimum amount of time, especially if you use the WeststeinUK service. In turn, the WeststeinUK prepaid card, the features and benefits of which we will consider in this article, does not have a credit part, that is, the consumer will not be able to spend more than he intended.

Internet map: what you need to know?

Before ordering a Mastercard prepaid card, you should understand its functional features. A virtual debit card is often a regular bank card without a physical counterpart. It has the same details as the real one, that is, the number, expiration date and CVC code. For greater convenience, consumers link their digital cards to mobile applications like Google Pay and pay for purchases with one touch. Benefits of a prepaid card:

customer support;
high level of security.
Online shopping with a financial product from WeststeinUK

Why is it better to use a digital map when shopping online? This payment instrument makes the purchase more secure, that is, it protects consumers from cyber fraudsters. If the card is added to the e-wallet application, then the operation is performed in one click – no need to enter card details. If the attackers still got to the account, then they will not get all your funds, but only the part that lies on the prepaid card. Therefore, it is recommended to replenish the account immediately before shopping – this way you will secure your finances.

Our company also offers an up-to-date service for entrepreneurs who wish to keep track of the budget and submit reports in a timely manner – open an online settlement account. This account allows you to track all monetary transactions, and also expands the functionality of the company itself. With a current account, you can accept non-cash transfers from counterparties and buyers, participate in tender programs, as well as issue wages and other payments to employees in a non-cash way.

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